The Story


Canadian Hemp Guitars represent an innovative approach to guitar building that rewards the player and respects the planet. Designed with a nod to the classic American chambered-body guitars of the 60s, our complete line of hemp guitars deliver all of the sustain and resonance of a solid body guitar with the controllable blooming feedback of a hollow-body with minimal environmental impact.

We have all spent our lives playing guitars cut from the world’s great and majestic forests under the belief that these rare and endangered woods make the sound. In reality, the difference is in the build and the builder. Let us prove it to you.


The Founders

Boyd Pellow


Musician, inventor and luthier Boyd Pellow has been building, repairing and designing fine acoustic and electric guitars for more than 20 years. The inventor of the world’s first hemp composite guitar, Pellow refined the design, processes and standards of the craft to produce the first Canadian Hemp Guitars prototype model, “Lowryder” serial number 0001 in 2011. Boyd then approached long time friend and fellow musician Stewart Burrows to partner and help launch the Canadian Hemp Guitars company. Working from his a 200 hundred year old barn that is the CHG shop and showroom in rural Quebec, Boyd continues to innovate producing master quality instruments for buyers around the world. If you have a question for Boyd, do not hesitate to reach out. He loves to talk shop, and would be happy to respond with any questions or comments.


Stewart Burrows


An awarded singer-songwriter, guitarist, harp player and organic cattleman, Stewart Burrows co-founded Canadian Hemp Guitars with long time friend and luthier Boyd Pellow to create the world’s first hemp composite electric guitars. An outspoken promoter of hemp products, and their strength, sustainability and versatility, Burrows is CHG’s evangelist-in-chief, bringing decades of stage experience and musician-friendly insights to the brand, the business and the complete line of Canadian Hemp Guitars. With a fine stable of instruments that includes The Lowryder, a Soul Shine and the first working prototype of CHG’s all new electro-acoustic model, Burrows takes his daily drivers to more than 250 acoustic and electric gigs per year. Prospective customers, partners and distributors interested in the Canadian Hemp Guitars line can contact him directly via email or phone. Music lovers interested in hearing his music or catching a show can visit his artist page at Stewart Burrows Music.